5 Reasons You Need TeachAide in Your Classroom

Classroom experiments are one of the best ways for students to learn chemistry and have it come to life for them. By giving students the chance to watch or even carry out their own experiments, you give them the chance to peek into a world they might not otherwise see.

Understandably, though, allowing flames and chemicals near students (of any age) comes with a long list of reservations. Safety is one of the first concerns most educators have when it comes to performing experiments in class. Ensuring that everyone is engaged is another apprehension many have. Fortunately, AirClean's TeachAide™ Classroom Demonstration Workstation is an easy solution that can soften any fears and help you bring your students engaging and educational experiences for any application.

  1. Fire Safety Features
  2. Using a Bunsen burner is absolutely necessary for some of the most common in-class experiments, like in flame tests of metal salts. In most cases, ductless workstations do not allow for an open flame within the enclosure. TeachAide ductless workstations, however, are different. All contact surfaces are made of UL-94 V0 construction materials allowing for our unit to be used with a Bunsen burner safely because it is flame retardant.

    Because there is always a risk when allowing an open flame around students, it's vital that the surfaces within your workstation are flame retardant. For an additional layer of safety, flame retardant pre-filters are used in all TeachAide ductless workstations, ensuring that your workstation can stand up to rigorous classroom use without damaging the carbon or HEPA filters.

  3. True 360° Visibility
  4. As an educator, when performing experiments for the class to witness, making sure the whole class can see is always important. Whether because they will not be allowed to perform the experiment themselves and must see it now or never, or because they will need to follow your lead, visibility is of the utmost importance. TeachAire ductless workstations come equipped with a clear polycarbonate shell to ensure the best visibility for everyone in the room. True 360° visibility promotes total classroom engagement.

    Not only can all students comfortably view what the instructor is doing, but if students are utilizing workstations, instructors can easily view and oversee students' activities. This not only promotes safe practices but also encourages participation.

  5. Spill-Resistant
  6. Accidents are always a possibility when it comes to the classroom. With that in mind, the TeachAide comes equipped to handle spills without causing more problems. While other competitors offer a work surface as an optional upgrade, every TeachAide comes with a worksurface built-in and included. The curved lip at the front of the workspace aids in effectively containing accidental spills.

    In addition to that, if a spill was to occur in such a way that it might drip down the outer edge, the workstation's filters and electronics are located above the workspace, completely eliminating the chance of a spill entering these sensitive areas.

  7. Safety Features
  8. When performing potentially dangerous experiments in a classroom setting, one of the biggest factors to consider is safety. TeachAide ductless workstations are all equipped with both HEPA and bonded carbon filtration to provide excellent containment of toxic vapors, gases, and particulate.

    Because of the bonded carbon construction, carbon is evenly distributed throughout the filter, which maximizes capture potential and minimizes possible exposure to hazardous carbon dust. AirClean Systems bonded carbon filters provide layers of filtration tailored to specific chemical classes. The included multipurpose filters offer protection against the most frequently used chemicals including acids, amines, and volatile organic compounds.

    Additionally, AirClean has worked tirelessly to ensure that TeachAide ductless workstaions meet and, in some cases, exceed all applicable OSHA and ANSI Z9.5 standards for ductless workstations. The safety of educators and students is of the utmost importance.

  9. Setting the Example
  10. When faced with a classroom full of students, lesson plans and instruction are the main focus, and rightly so. However, it is always important to remember that the teacher or professor also has the opportunity to set an example for their students. By going the extra mile and implementing the use of ductless enclosures, you are taking care of the air in our environment and not polluting it with the stray fumes released by alternative options, like total exhaust hoods. Making sure that students understand the value of protecting the environment from pollutants can make a big difference in the long run for everyone.

At the end of the day, no classroom should go without a TeachAide™ Classroom Demonstration Workstation. In a variety of sizes, there is sure to be a TeachAide workstation that will meet your specific classroom and educational needs.