What's So Great About AirClean® Systems?

Don Verhoeven

Stryker Interventional Pain

"I can tell you that the team was pessimistic with a claim for a portable very mobile hood to be able to filter out the very bad odor and fumes generated from P.M.M.A. Liquid Monomer we handle frequently. Your design and filter not only eliminated this odor, the design of the frame also allowed for continued mobility. Providing a safe and clean working environment that monitors air flow and handles fume management is challenging at best. Your team has accomplished this challenge with great effectiveness. I have a high level of confidence and am completely satisfied that our team and families are protected with a high quality, cost effective system. Keep up the great work,"

Cheryl Craft

Cornell-Uihlein Farm & Lab

"I am happy to say that the AirClean Systems ductless hood we purchased in March of 2006 is performing very well. We needed a fume hood to perform occasional organic extractions, and putting in a large, ducted system would have been expensive and impractical. I am very comfortable working in this hood, knowing that if the airflow is interrupted, or if there is a gas breakthrough, an alarm will sound. Actually, neither of these problems has occurred, and I feel my health is well protected by using your system. I do know the alarm system works, since it will go off before the blower gets up to speed. Also, having a portable hood (the AC632A), which can be rolled out of the way when necessary, has been extremely helpful."

Sean Dill

Highline Labs

"AirClean Systems was great to work with in helping us choose the proper fume hood for the chemicals we handle routinely. After product selection, the rest of the sale was great and the minimal customer service we've needed since has been fantastic. Would definitely recommend AirClean Systems to others and will consider for future purchases!"

Lori Williamson

Allan Hancock College

"I have been a customer for over 10 years and have been treated professionally and with courtesy in all my interactions with AirClean Systems. The products I purchase are of outstanding quality and delivered in a timely manner."

Scott Milner

County of San Luis Obispo Public Health

"We use our AirClean Systems workstation in our hazardous materials emergency response vehicle. It's compact size and excellent visibility and working height make it ideal for our application. It has excellent airflow and built-in safety features, like a low air flow alarm. It protects our staff and allows us to confidently perform our field testing."

Michael Cassidy

Focus Scientific Solutions Ltd

"Nothing but the highest quality in design and technology. The Sales and Technical teams make everything seamless to work with. We have purchased several ACS PCR and Chemical Workstations so far and all are running despite our heavy workloads."

Michael Schellhaas

U.S. Department of Energy - NETL

"I am never nervous about calling AirClean Systems about reordering filters. They always are respectful and courteous. The ordering process is very well organized and moves along at the right pace. I rather look forward to calling AirClean Systems as they are friendly. I always rest assured I'll get the correct filters I ordered. Thank you AirClean Systems for service++."