Custom Enclosures and Workstations

Custom Enclosures and Workstations Custom Enclosures and Workstations
Custom Enclosures and Workstations

Work with our full service design team to create the enclosure that's right for your project!

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To best meet our customer's needs for operator or process protection, AirClean® Systems has designed and built numerous custom enclosures. Customization can range from small modifications of existing models to fully customized application-specific enclosures. If you need process or operator protection that cannot be readily provided with a standard AirClean Systems product, we will work with you to develop an enclosure that fits your needs. Contact us to discuss your application.

AirSafe automatic safety controller
Available in standard height or tall version
Wide range of bonded activated carbon and HEPA filters for containment of virtually any toxic vapor, fume, gas, or particulate
Integral vapor-proof fluorescent lighting
Encloses equipment while retaining full operator access
UVTect® microprocessor controller
Full-access retracting front sash
Lab event timer
HEPA filtration for capture of particulate to 0.3 microns in size
Horizontal sliding access doors for equipment manipulation
Gas phase bonded carbon filtration
Filter safety lockout to ensure correct filter replacement
Electronic gas detection for real-time gas phase filter monitoring
Filter and electronics are located above the workspace, eliminating the chance of a chemical spill entering these sensitive areas
Real time monitoring of installed filtration bed
Customization of standard design to accommodate equipment or workplace layout
ULPA filter
Multiple sash or door configurations available
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