ChemSafe™ Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet

ChemSafe™ Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet ChemSafe™ Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet ChemSafe™ Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet

For laboratories that require a safe and secure location to store laboratory chemicals

Featuring the AirSafe® Automatic Safety Controller

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The AirClean® Systems ChemSafe Filtered Chemical Storage Cabinet operates like a ductless fume hood by providing constant negative airflow thus allowing all contaminates to be captured by either the particulate or gas phase filter. ChemSafe is constructed from thermally fused polypropylene, offering superior chemical resistance and no moisture absorption. Polypropylene is an ideal construction material for these reasons. AirSafe® Automatic Safety Controller is standard on each ChemSafe Filtered Storage Cabinet. AirSafe provides constant monitoring of the storage cabinet’s filters, allowing the laboratory technician to use the chemical storage cabinet effectively.

The chamber has a multi-purpose bonded gas phase carbon filter installed that effectively captures a wide range of chemicals, fumes and vapors. The bonded carbon filter is designed to work with organics, inorganics and amine compounds.

Access into the storage cabinet is gained through a clear, locking polycarbonate door. The internal chamber is illuminated with LED lights and each shelf has a secondary spill containment lip. The individual shelves are easily removed for cleaning or added vertical space.

AirSafe automatic safety controller
Structural thermally-fused polypropylene construction for superior chemical resistance and spill containment
Locking front door for security
Gas phase bonded carbon filtration
Shipped fully assembled
Low airflow alarm warns the user both visually and audibly
Real time monitoring of installed filtration bed
Product # External
Width Depth Height
ACCS3284 32" 24" 84"
ACCS3284-18 32" 18" 84"
ACCS6484 64" 24" 84"
Product # Internal
ACCS3284 26" 23" 64"
ACCS3284-18 26" 17" 64"
ACCS6484 52" 23" 64"

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