Dead Air Box

Dead Air Box Dead Air Box
Dead Air Box

Circulation-free air for sample protection

Featuring the UVTect® Automatic Safety Controller

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AirClean® Systems dead air boxes provide a circulation-free environment for the amplification and manipulation of DNA/RNA. Each dead air box is standard with the UVTect Microprocessor controller and a 254nm ultraviolet light source for irradiation between amplifications. A safety interlock switch disables the UV light when the sash is raised, preventing operator exposure. Seamless design and UV-reflective construction materials further ensure no harmful UV energy escapes the enclosure.

No ductwork required
No installation required - plugs directly into a standard 110V or 220V electrical outlet
UVTect® microprocessor controller
UV and fluorescent lights
Seamless plastic design -no joints or gaps in construction
UV shelf with built-in pipettor holder
Lab event timer
Digital UV light timer :01-59 minutes
Access port for electrical cords
Polycarbonate and polypropylene design reflects UV energy
Shipped fully assembled
Overlapping polycarbonate sash to prevent UV light exposure
Sash safety switch automatically turns off UV light when sash is raised
Electronics are located above the workspace, eliminating the chance of a chemical spill entering these sensitive areas
Sturdy cart/trolley with locking casters for mobility
Hard surface disinfectant
Product # External
Width Depth Height
AC624DB 24" 24" 30"
AC632DBC 32" 24" 30"
AC632TDBC 32" 24" 39"
AC648DBC 48" 24" 32"
AC648TDBC 48" 24" 40"
Product # Internal
AC624DB 23" 23" 18"
AC632DBC 31" 23" 18"
AC632TDBC 31" 23" 24"
AC648DBC 47" 23" 19"
AC648TDBC 47" 23" 29"

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