AirMax® Total Exhaust Fume Hood

AirMax® Total Exhaust Fume Hood	AirMax® Total Exhaust Fume Hood	AirMax® Total Exhaust Fume Hood
AirMax Fume Hood

Featuring corrosion-free polypropylene construction

Featuring the AirMax® Automatic Safety Controller

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AirMax total exhaust fume hoods are manufactured from structural polypropylene, which eliminating the threat of corrosion. Featuring standard bypass design, AirMax exhausts a constant volume of air regardless of sash position. Optional features are available for more precise control of blower speed and face velocity.

Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance. The result: NO RUST
Vertical sliding safety glass sash
Dual wall construction allows for front mounting of services such as water, gas, or electric
FlowSmooth™ airfoil on sash lip promotes consistent laminar airflow
Constant monitoring of fume hood face velocity with variable airflow control to user preset value
Lab event timer
AirMax microprocessor controller
Integral vapor-proof LED lighting
Deep base effectively contains accidental spills
ASHRAE 110 tested
Vented and unvented polypropylene base cabinets
Duplex electrical outlets
Polycarbonate sash
Polypropylene blowers
Polypropylene laboratory sinks
Wall mounted fixtures and taps
Product # External
Width Depth Height
AC4030TE 48" 30" 59"
AC5030TE 60" 30" 59"
AC6030TE 72" 30" 59"
AC8030TE 96" 30" 59"
Product # Internal
AC4030TE 37" 20" 43"
AC5030TE 49" 20" 43"
AC6030TE 61" 20" 43"
AC8030TE 85" 20" 43"

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